Friday, April 23, 2010


On 24th April do take a moment to commemorate the death of millions of animals who are poisoned, burned, scalded and suffer painful tortures in a fraudulent science which serves only the vast vested interests.

April 24th is World Day for Animals in Laboratories (WDAIL). Every year on the 24th April worldwide attention is drawn to commemorate the suffering and abuse of animals used in research laboratories, agricultural facilities and the development of arms and other weapons.

Vivisection literally means the 'cutting up' of living animals, but has now become more generally used as the term for all experiments on living animals (in vivo) as many animal experiments, such as toxicity tests, will not involve surgical procedures. The use and killing of animals in experimental laboratories and for teaching purposes involves enormous cruelty, untold suffering, pain and death.

It is estimated that the vivisection industry kills over 250 million animals annually. Vivisection is experimentation on living animals (many of these are threatened or endangered species). Millions of creatures ranging from primates, fish, octopi, birds, mice, rats, horses, dogs, cats, pigs and reptiles are subjected to terror, pain, deprivation and eventually the taking of their lives by scientists often concerned only with the continuance of their research grants and the entrenchment of outdated, flawed research methods.

The animal experimentation lobby spends millions annually to convince the public that all medical advances are directly due to animal experimentation. However, the list of disasters unleashed on the public after testing on animals, is legendary including asbestos, benzene, thalidomide and tobacco, which proved to have no ill-effect on the research animals. Conversely, many beneficial drugs were held back because they proved deadly to the animals, including penicillin, digitalis, streptomycin, aspirin, cyclosporine and ibuprofen. There are countless non-animal alternatives available, that are both more accurate and do not involve the suffering of living creatures.